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Remote Head Freefly MoVI XL


  • Caractéristiques Techniques :

    Poids avec Batteries – 17 kg (37,50 lbs)

    Charge – 23 kg (50 lbs)



    MoVI Controller

    Manivelles 1A Tools

    Application Mobile



  • M?VI hit the gym!  We took everything great about the M?VI Pro and added some serious horsepower for the world’s biggest cameras.  M?VI XL is a lightweight, portable system that allows users to capture stable imagery in the most demanding environments.


    • Custom in house designed high torque direct drive motors
    • Axis locks for easy ground handling / balancing
    • Custom motor drives with high resolution encoders
    • Capable of performing at extreme speeds (75+mph)
    • Accessory power
    • Integrate Focus / Iris / Zoom motor drivers
    • Integrated control of Red cameras via RCP
    • 3+ hour runtime powering gimbal and camera with onboard batteries
    • Completely wireless operation (power, video, control) allows for 1 minute changes from camera car to crane to cable cam
    • Underslung or overslung mounting
    • Compatible with Freefly Ecosystem – M?VI Controller, MIMIC, Pilot
    • 50lb max payload
    • Capable of traveling as excess baggage on airlines
    • Quick Release system (Optional)
    • Travel case with custom cut foam insert
    • Modular construction
    • Internal Wiring
    • 2 second boot time
    • 10 second full system autotune (no more manual tuning!)
    • Integrated screen and menu system
    • iOS and Android App for control, configuration, and feedback